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Christmas card assortment


Skunk Christmas Cards

Beautifully detailed cards that capture the unique personalities of domestic skunks. All cards printed on premium quality, white card stock and come with coordinating envelopes.
Created exclusively for Just Skunks™ at intagraphic's studio! These cards are not mass produced. They are carefully printed in small lots and inspected for quality control.
The "Peace on Earth" cards and "Heaven Scent" cards are suitable for those of all faiths.
A package of 5 cards will contain 1 of each design, a package of 10 cards will contain 2 of each design, a package of 20 cards will contain 4 of each design.

See what our customers say about this item!

  • There is a great diversity to use for our non denominational friends and the skunkies on them are so great!
  • Wonderful cards. I'll be back!
  • Thanks sooo much! Beautiful cards, love them!
  • I am VERY pleased. Thanks.
  • Features

    • Each card is signed and dated by the artist!
    • Single cards also available.

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