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Dear Sophie,

I have a baby skunk, 3 months, who refuses to use the litter boxes I put down for him. No matter where I put them he does not use them. I changed brands of litter several times with no luck. Help!
H.C., Atlanta.

Sophie says,

Most skunks like to pick their own special places to go the bathroom. This may not always be in the place the humans prefer, but will almost always be in a corner. Don't give up on your baby, it is possible to modify his behavior if you are patient. First, put down newspaper where the accidents happen. If he goes back to the paper and uses it, save a little piece of the soiled paper to put down with fresh newspaper where you would like him to go. After he is in the habit of regularly going where he should, bring back the litter boxes and use a little bit of the soiled paper on top of the litter. This works for many skunks, but also alot of skunks prefer just to use the newspaper. Keep in mind that most skunks use the bathroom right after they wake up and will not travel far. So multiple boxes will be needed. Sophie personally has known several boy skunks who were very sloppy with their bathroom habits right up until the time they were neutered. Unlike Sophie, who never misses.


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