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Pet Skunk Diet

Dear Sophie,

What do you feed your skunks and how many times a day do you feed them? I am baby sitting 2 skunks for a friend, she said they hibernate this time of year and sleep a lot? So far I have not seen that. I have veggie's and litter all over the floor in my bathroom. I'm guessing I can only use mild soap and water to clean the floor? I would love any advice you can give! Thanks in advance!

Sophie says,

Adult skunks should be fed two times a day. Baby skunks, up to a year, should be fed three or more times a day. Between the 7th and 8th months taper down the noon meal to a snack. It is ok to have healthy snacks or treats available like chopped green pepper, pieces of organic cereal or a small healthy dog treat. Sophie eats a diet consisting of: 3 tablespoons of mixed, raw vegetables; 2 tablespoons of cooked ground turkey or chicken; and in the evening a teaspoon of low-fat cottage cheese is added. It is important to vary the vegetables to get a mix of vitamins. Chopped salt-free nuts can be used instead of meats, but no seeds should be given unless hulled.
Some skunks may sleep more in the winter months but it is never a true hibernation, just a deep sleep. Sophie is guessing that the skunks you are watching are a little upset by the change in their routine. They may miss their owner too. Try to keep their routine as close to what they were used to with their owner by feeding them at the same time of the day.
As far as cleaning products, many skunks have sensitivities to them. Please do not use any bleach products while they are in your house. It is recommended that you use a natural cleaner such as Sal Suds or Simple Green. You may also use vinegar and water or diluted dish washing soap in water to clean up. Sophie's mom puts a paper towel down under the plate because she knows skunks get excited over food and can be messy.

Dear Sophie,

How many times a day do you feed an adult skunk? I am getting a pre-owned skunk.

Sophie says,

If the skunk is an adult over one year of age, then you feed it twice per day. Make sure you check with the prior owner and find out what type of diet the skunk has been on. It is very stressful for an animal to change homes and diets at the same time, it may also cause bowel upsets if the diet is changed too quickly. If the diet is not a healthy one for skunks, then you can change that by gradually introducing the correct foods.
Make sure you read everything you can on the proper diet for skunks as that is the key to maintaining their health. Skunks also require daily supplementation of taurine and calcium.
Remember to keep the new skunk separate from any other pets until your vet has given the new family member a clean bill of health.


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