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Learn about Domestic Pet skunks, Adoption, Skunk Shelter. People who just love skunks and want to learn more. Sponsored by Skunk Haven Domestic Skunk Rescue. We welcome the public to Skunk Haven Domestic Skunk Rescue and Education for our Skunk Info Talk. We are here to offer assistance in deciding if a domestic skunk is the right pet for you. We offer suggestions on raising a pet skunk, concerning diet, training, health, medical, behavior and other issues. If you already own a skunk then we welcome your suggestions and comments, we all learn from each other's experiences.


Join Striped Bandits Web Forum

Striped Bandits is a friendly group of skunk owners. The site has a lot of information about pet skunks. It is run by experienced skunk owners who can answer questions about pet skunks.

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This is an educational and friendly list sponsored by the AMERICAN DOMESTIC SKUNK ASSOCIATION. Our aim is to provide educational information related to the general care of the domestic skunk. Whether you own 1 skunk or 100, are considering getting a pet skunk, or simply want to learn more about these delightful animals, we welcome you to join our list and enjoy the information and all of the skunk-savvy people you will meet. Our resident "skunk experts" have over 20 years experience in the care, diet, training and behaviorisms of pet skunks.


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The listservers of today have virtually replaced the newsgroups of yesteryear. A listserver is an email group where people share information on a related topic. Once you subscribe to the email group all information that is posted to that group will come directly to your email inbox. There are many "Lists" out there to choose from. Some skunk related ones are listed below along with how to join them.



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