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Gone but not forgotten, forever in our hearts.
This section is dedicated to skunks that have passed. Send your pictures to, subject line, memorials. Please include their name and a few words to remember them by and we will post them in this section.
Owners retain all rights to their pictures. Do not copy any pictures without written permission from the owner!


In Loving Memory of Shaitan and Vittorio.



Mocha is now with in peace my precious little one......
your mommy


Sweetie P.
1996 - May 8, 2006

In Memorium,
No bonds in life are broken For you are truly here Within the river's echo In every sound we hear In skies so blue with sunshine In rains that slowly cleanse Our spirits joined together With love that never ends Your journey was with courage For all the world to see You fought with such conviction With love sent endlessly You will be here always Where beauty always flows Like ripples in the sand of time Creating crystal's glow We love you and we miss you When we say your name Our life has been completed Your spirit shall remain.
Francine Pucillo

Daisy Duke

I miss you each and every day that I wake in the house alone,
And sometimes I feel it was so unfair that you were taken from my home.
I move a chair and find a toy that you had hidden there,
An old rag doll with the stuffing gone and very little hair.
You weren't trying to be bad, that old doll was not tough enough,
To take all the hugs and kiss that an animal loves to give so much.
The pain gets a little better as I remember you and that toy,
The laughter that you gave me, the friendship and the joy.
I walk out side and look up at the sky, knowing you are there,
Roaming in the forest green or pulling a dolly's hair.
I'll have my morning coffee, without you by my side,
I know that now, in the pockets of Angels you ride.


A Heart Of Gold Stopped Beating, Two Shimmering Eyes At Rest.
God Broke Our Hearts To Prove, He Only Takes The Best.
God Knows You Had To Leave Me, But You Did Not Go Alone.
For Part Of Us Went With You, The Day He Took You Home.

Licorice & RoseBud



Flower 1999-2005

In tears we watched you sinking, and quickly fade away. Our hearts were almost broken, we wanted you to stay. But when we saw you sleeping, and peaceful free from pain. How could we wish you back again, to suffer that again.

Rest in peace sweetheart.


This is my baby, Cinder. She came to me at the age of 4. She was unspayed, and had been through 3 homes prior to our getting her. She had a pretty rough life until we were blessed to have this little angel come in to ours. She took a while to trust us, but once she did things were just wonderful! She was very sweet, and very gentle. She had severe osteoarthritis, and we were certain that she must have been in some discomfort, but she didn't get mean, or aggressive towards either of us. We lost her this past March to an infection she contracted due to her losing the use of her hind legs, but she fought her illness every step of the way. She even fought the barbiturate she was given to end her life even as her lungs were filling with fluid from this dreadful infection. She was so strong, and made such an impact on our lives in the short 2 years she was with us. I never thought that I'd build a bond like that with another animal after I lost a very special cat years before, but she fit so easily into my heart it was impossible not to make a deep, and lasting connection. Cinder - our amazing little angel - was so very special, and she will be forever missed.

Well loved & dearly missed ...


A part of our family & now gone. We have felt the loss greatly..


"In Loving Memory"
Samson, 2001- December 12th, 2004

Samson, you were a strange little guy and I loved you for it. Your mannerisms which were so different made you so very special in my eyes. You may not have been adored by all of the stinkers in the house, but you always knew mommy would give you loving whenever you wanted it. You did not appreciate me approaching you for affection, but you sure did not mind coming up for it on your own. I will never forget the scared and sometimes nippy grump we brought home and how it warmed my heart to watch you open up and become the loving and quirky little guy that I grew to love so very much. Your antics could always make me smile, no matter what they were. I will never forget when you learned how to climb. Nothing could stop you and Neo as partners in crime. I will never forget your love of all things with an adhesive backing and of all things even remotely resembling foam. You will be missed in so many ways, ways I probably have not even been able to comprehend yet. Your sister, Mocha, was looking all over for you tonight and it was very hard to watch as she searched in all of your favorite napping spots. I know she annoyed you, but she really did love you and I can tell she misses you greatly. I miss your little “mini” stomps and believe it or not, I miss your little grunts and screams when another skunk looked at you wrong. It is awful quiet here without you, my dear Samson. Mommy and Daddy miss you so very much.

Mommy Joy


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