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Just Skunks' Products

Here is a list of all skunk products. Click on the link or picture for more information.








Assorted Valentine Cards
A beautiful assortment of Valentine Cards value priced. Share with all your friends.




Beta Glucan
Nature's Balance Beta Glucan is purified from Baker's Yeast using a patented enzymatic extraction system developed in Switzerland. Not only does this new technique yield an exceptionally pure product; free of contaminating and immune-activity-limiting fats and proteins, it also preserves the valuable low-density glucans that exist on the outer most layers of the yeast cell wall.




Burial Markers
100% North American Granite with polished finish. Pay tribute to your lost loved one with this timeless memorial.




Christmas Cards
Our resident artist has out done herself again! See the latest selection of skunk Christmas cards. Your choice of 5 designs.




Christmas Cards Assortment
5 designs available in assorted packages of 5,10 or 20 cards.




Your skunk can also benefit from the phenomenal health promoting power of chlorella.




Photo Urn
You personalize with photo and inscription. Your choice of 3 solid hardwoods.




Rock Urns
For those who want a different kind of memorial for their pet.




Skunk Earrings, Standing
A unique skunk design from Wild Bryde Jewelry. Available in both 14 karat gold plate and Rhodium silver alloy.




Skunk Easter Card
A beautifully detailed card created exclusively for Just Skunks™ at intagraphic's studio!




Skunk Figurine Urn
A beautiful way to remember your beloved pet and our most popular urn. Customized with your personal inscription.




Skunk Logo Patch
Die cut skunk logo sticks to whatever you are wearing!




Skunk Necklace, Standing
Unique skunk jewelry as a gift or for yourself. Available in choice of finishes.




Skunk Patches
3" diameter patch can be ironed on or stitched on.




Skunk Pin, Standing
Standing skunk pins are available in 14k gold plate or rhodium, a non-tarnishing silver alloy.




Skunk Plush Doll
A beautifully detailed collector's item you will enjoy for years to come.




Skunk Socks
Another Just Skunks™ original only available here or from our authorized distributors. Skunk sock is made in the USA from quality materials for your satisfaction and comfort. Buy 2 for $12.00 and save!




Skunk Travel Coffee Mug 14 Oz.
Another Just Skunks™ brand exclusive! Top shelf dishwasher safe and made in the USA. Take your skunk mug to work, it will give you a reason to smile.




Sovereign Silver
Natural-Immunogenics Corp. has taken great care in establishing the safety of its silver hydrosol products. Sovereign Silver™, see why it is the silver product people trust!




Striped Skunk Earrings
These striking skunk earrings are lightweight yet extremely durable. Each piece is hand-hammered to give it strength and additional facets which catch the light. Made in the USA!




Striped Skunk Necklace
Choice of finishes and comes with matching chain.




Striped Skunk Pin
Choice of skunk pin styles and finishes.




Tower Urn
A beautiful memorial with your pet's picture. Leaded brass nameplate inscripted with your personal message.




Traditional Urn
An economical but classic urn for pet lovers to remember their loved one. You customize with personal inscription.




Valentine Cards
Not yet available in stores, these cards were designed exclusively for Just Skunks™.


All prices in US Dollars

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