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I'm coming God

My tummy is hurting and I don't know what I did to make it feel this way. As I lay here in my carrier bed I think back over the life that I've had. I can barely remember my Mommy and my baby sister. I was only with them for a few short weeks but their memories have been in my little heart for all this time. I still wonder what ever happened to them. I hope they are ok. One night I was taken away from them and put in a box and I have never seen them again. I miss them so much. I fell asleep and when I woke up, I was in a place with other animals but none of them were like me. I remember being so scared when humans came close to me and I hated to be touched. I was in a cage, alone, and I can remember being so hungry and thirsty all of the time. It sure felt like I was there for a long time. Every day, humans came to my cage and looked at me so I hid in the back corner as best I could.

Then one day, a lady human picked up my cage and took me out of that place. Next, I can remember being in a big room and my cage door opening. Two big humans and a little human were staring at me. I knew I wasn't coming out of that cage but when they put some pieces of doggie food close to my nose, I just had to get me some. I didn't mean to bite the human lady but I was so hungry. She yelled at me so I ran an hid under a big long chair. They grabbed at me and kept chasing me until they had me. I was so scared and bit the other big human on his arm. They put me back in my cage and that's where I stayed for a long, long time. The little human seemed nice to me sometimes and he seemed to always keep my doggie food bowl full for me and I always had fresh water to drink. Then, one day I managed to get out of my cage. The little human finally found me under his bed and tried to grab me so I bit him hard. Then I heard lots of yelling and I remember running so fast but eventually I was thrown back into my cage. It hurt to be thrown like that. My back leg has always hurt a little when I have tried to run. Those humans never let me out of that cage again. I kinda got used to it being that way though. I began getting very fat and I couldn't walk so good anymore. It didn't matter though. It's not like I had some place to go.

Then, one day another human picked up my cage and took me out of that place. Once again, I found myself in a big room. Two humans were staring at me again. My door opened but I knew better than to leave the security of my cage. After a few minutes, I smelled food but it wasn't like any food I had ever smelled. The humans were far away from me on the other side of the room so I checked it out just outside of my cage door. The food didn't taste as good as my dog food but it was ok because I was just so hungry. While I was eating, the humans moved closer to me but moved slowly and for some peculiar reason, I wasn't as scared of them as with the other humans. I finished my food and ran back into my cage. I remember that after a while, I came back out and the humans were sitting so far away that I ran under a big shelf thingie. The humans didn't move. I then decided to explore this big room but not to get too close to the humans. Then, all of a sudden, I was grabbed up and in some big arms. I was so scared and it brought back so many bad memories. I knew this human had a good grip on me so I just tried to hide in his arms. I know I must have been shaking but after a few minutes, my body just kinda relaxed. It actually felt good to be held like this. After a little while, I fell asleep.

The next thing I knew, I was being put gently back on the floor. I ran as fast as I could back to my bed but I didn't feel so scared like I was before. My cage door was left open and I can't remember it ever being closed again, ever. Every day after that, things seemed to get better for me. Both humans would sneak up on me and hold me in their arms a whole bunch. I really liked it a lot! Soon, I began thinking of them as my Mommy and My Daddy. I still missed my own mommy but something happened that just made me want to be with these two humans all of the time. They played with me on the floor, gave me food and I even got some yummy treats too. Sometimes, I would even get to go outside in a big yard to dig holes and stomp at everything. I even caught my own crickets! Mommy and Daddy made a ramp for me so I could get up into the big bed with them too. Every night, for a long time now, I have slept in both of their arms. I have tried to let them take turns. I could easily tell that they loved me and I could feel it all of the time. Instead of running from them now, I was always begging to be picked up and held. I really liked it! After a while, I finally lost a whole bunch of my weight and my body began to feel lots better. I was just so happy!!! Every day was just so much fun and I love my Mommy and Daddy!!!

Then, just a short time back, my body started to hurt. The food they were giving me just didn't look so good or smell good either. I didn't want to eat because it made me hurt even worse. My back leg hurts too now and it hurts when I walk. My Mommy and Daddy took me to a nice man to do strange things to me but I still don't feel good. Sometimes when they hold me now, I get wet because of tears falling out of their eyes. I am scared. I can feel my body slipping away from me. I know that one day soon, I won't be here with Mommy and Daddy no more. I just hope they know how much I love them both. They have given me all that I could have ever asked for in this life. I have felt love beyond my wildest dreams. I have been cared for and fed all of the best things for me to eat. My days with them have been filled with happiness. I hope they know this and will stop getting me all wet. I feel in my little heart that I will be going to a place to one day see my real Mommy and my sister again. It's time for me to be brave. I am going to put my tail up one last time as Mommy is holding me in her arms. I'm coming God. Thank you for giving me such a good Mommy and Daddy and making my life so happy. Please open the doors for me.

Unkie Milt
© Copyright 2004
Reprinted with permission

It's OK Mommy


I is gettin ta rite ya a letter an I hopes ya gets ta reed it. I is sittin wif my butt on God's toes keepen dem warm fer him. I tink him likes it cuz when I look up, him is awlways smilin at me. It weren't so good when I firstess gots here tho. I was jus sooo sad cuz I misses you. Eben wif awl ob da nicess stuff an da nicess critters I jus cudn't seem ta get happy. Did ya know dat I can wook down an see you? I can an I was jus stayin sad when I seed awl ob yer teers. Sumtimes, God eben lets awl ob us visit our mommies but you can probly tell dat. Lotsa times I still snuggle up nex to you an can eben heer yer heart beatin. Sumtimes I is eben at yer feet an legs like I usta do but I jus can't help it. Sum habits are hard ta break. I was sad fer a wile till God picked me up in hims arms an telled me sum stuff. Him sayed dat one day we wud be tagether again. Ob course dat made me happy but I just hadta know when. God sayed dat you was stil needed down on earf to hep udder critters an eben peeple too. It seems dat you are needed there an until ya gets here dat I hasta hep God wif lotsa tings, jus like I usta hep you wif. I ain't gots ta hep wif the washin an puttin away clothes yet but wif so many ob us here, we is takin turns. God's robe keeps gettin veggie stains on da bottom. Fer now, God kinda likes me bein close to him, but him says dat I wills awlways be close. One day Mommy, we wills be tagether again buts I gots ta tell ya dats you jus mite hafta be holdin an lubbin on lotsa udder critters an nots jus me. Sum ain't been so lucky as ta hab such a good mommy like I has. I kinda towled dem dat you wud lub awl ob dem too. I hopes ya don mind. Ummm, God says dat I gots ta hep him now sos I hafta go. We is gonna be makin rainbows fer a little wile. I likes makin rainbows cuz we awl gets extra gwapes when we splashes da perty colors. When ya look outside after a rain, ya know dat I habs been heppin God.
Mommy, tonite when ya think ob me pwese gib me a smile stead ob a tear and wemember ourses happy times. I is ok buts I needs ta kno dat you is ok too.

Your little angel

Unkie Milt
© Copyright 2005
Reprinted with permission

Skunkie Memories

This all started a little over a year and a half ago when we got Peu, our first skunk. Every day I would take him outside unless it was pouring down rain. Cold temperatures never mattered to me. The cold never seemed to bother him but in the heat of the summer I had to cut back on our time outside some because I didn't want him to get overheated. I looked for a play area to take him to and after searching around town, found the perfect place. It was an old playground, about three acres or so, with some pine trees and tall grass and a dirt trail going around it. Every day, when I came in from work, Peu, Jerrie (our dog) and I would get into the car and head for the park. Around the perimeter of the field were homes with some of these having dogs in the backyard. At one of these, was a very tiny baby Labrador retriever. Peu and this dog became very attached immediately as Peu was also just a baby. Peu actually tunneled under the fence a couple of times to get to him. I had to jump over to bring Peu back. Many holes were dug along this fence in attempting for them to be together by Peu and the puppy. This went on for months although Peu also made his rounds to all of the other dogs in their fences also. Every day we were there for at least an hour, but as much as two hours. Then it happened. All of a sudden we began to open up our HOME to more skunkies and our visits to the park came to an end. I skunk proofed a large area of our backyard (about 50' x 50') for them to all play in. Now having nine skunks to take out every day to play can be a real task, but we never miss a day. Some are still skittish and can be a little difficult when time to come back inside(fast too). Not only is it good for them, but also good for me. Believe me in saying that I get plenty of exercise. I have missed the early days though of taking Peu to our park.

I took a day off from work today to just enjoy being with Landa. Peu came to me at my chair and began clawing and pulling at my leg. It brought back memories of when I came in from work and Peu rushing me to go to the park. I began putting my jacket on and both Peu and Jerrie beat me to the front door. We headed for the park. It had been 8 months since we had been there, but you would have thought it was only yesterday. Peu and Jerrie made their usual rounds of saying hello to the other dogs, but when Peu came within about 60 yards of this one fence he began running like I hadn't seen in a long time. That Labrador retriever also ran to the fence to greet Peu. Lots of licks and gentle clawing went back and forth for several minutes. Then, of course, Peu began the tunneling routine again. This time the Labrador was helping from the other side. I moved Peu to a different spot along the fence but the tunneling began again immediately. I let them play back and forth for as long as I could but it came a time to head back home. Peu was a real handful taking him back to the car and the Labrador never left that fence. I know now that I will need to take Peu over to the park whenever possible. Our dog Jerrie really enjoyed all of the open space to run and play again too.

I have seen another example of just how strong these little critters minds work. And they say elephants never forget? Now I am gonna ask Peu what he did with my truck keys last night and I am gonna expect that he remembers where he put them.

Unkie Milt
© Copyright 2003
Reprinted with permission

Letter from a skunk

To: My Owner

Treat me with the respect I deserve because I am a creature like no other. While I was born a domestic skunk, I retain much of my natural instincts. I will test the limits you set for me. You must always correct me lovingly and never hurt me or frighten me.

Learn all you can about my ways before bringing me into your home. My dietary needs must be met or I will not lead a long, healthy life. I will need medical care from one is knowledgeable about my kind, this can sometimes be expensive. Please do not bring me into your home if you cannot or will not provide for my physical needs.
My emotional needs must also be met. I am a beautiful, intelligent creature and cannot be expected to behave like other pets. I will need time to learn your ways and adjust to my new home. I will learn faster in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Protect me from those who do not understand me. Some of my behavior is dictated by nature, the rest I will need to learn from you.
If you yell at me or hurt me, I will try to hurt you. If you lock me up away from people, I will shun your company. If you accept me and love me, I will return your affection many times over. If you cherish me and hold me close to your heart, you will experience a bond of love like nothing you have ever known.


a Domestic Skunk

Maria Ellis
© Copyright 2005

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