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PetSpan Chlorella Supplement

We are so pleased with this product's performance that it is hard to describe everything it can do to improve the health and welfare of pets around the world. The best way we know of letting you know what this product can do, is let you read for yourself what this product has done!

TO: Nature's Balance, Inc.

FROM: Keith Butt, M.A., VetMB., (Cantab) M.R.C.V.S.
Kynance Veterinary Clinic, London, England

SUBJECT: Report on the use of Nature's Balance PetSpan and clinical results obtained.

I have been using Nature's Balance PetSpan at the Kynance Veterinary Clinic since 1992 and since that time I have been able to collate a number of interesting observations which I feel will inevitably mean that PetSpan will join the ranks of the alternative and complementary therapy armament here in the West.

Algal supplements from other sources may be found on the shelves of health-food and pet stores but should not be confused with Nature's Balance PetSpan which I have used exclusively in my clinical studies and on which I have based all of my observations.

Our small animal patients are testimony to PetSpan's unique vitamin and mineral-rich resources; essential elements to the maintenance and improvement of any pet's health, vitality and physical appearance.

From the results I have obtained I believe there is strong quantifiable evidence to support further clinical trials and research in a number of important areas, including cancers, kidney, liver and skin diseases.

Cats and dogs will each benefit in their own way from including PetSpan in their diet. I have been particularly impressed with their acceptance of PetSpan, and found very few animals unwilling to try it. Cats and dogs have even eaten it on my consulting room table during examination.

As a general point I am also most impressed with PetSpan as a natural source of vitamin B12, Vitamin B12 is not present in most supplements and is particularly important in the health maintenance of animals in old age. PetSpan contains more B12 by weight than fresh beef liver, the richest conventionally considered natural source. As a result I have detected a marked improvement in the overall quality of life where older pets have been fed PetSpan for some months.

PetSpan contains most components of the B vitamin complex, each one fulfilling an important role in animal health. A good deal of the clinical research made available to me has been carried out on humans, as algae are widely-used as 'functional foods' in the Far East, particularly in Japan where they are consumed on a daily basis by some 5 million people. Consequently, I would wish to see the results of further research studies of my own and by others in order to establish the specific health problems most amenable to treatment with PetSpan and to accurately assess the precise mode of application suitable to each condition as far as the treatment of animals is concerned.

In the meantime, there are several important therapeutic applications where I can confidently recommend the use of PetSpan, and these I discuss in the following pages. I trust that this report of these UK-based studies will encourage others; veterinary surgeons, animal breeders and pet owners, to use what is proven to be one of the world's richest natural resources of minerals, vitamins, high-quality protein and essential fatty acids in maintaining good pet health and in the fight against degenerative disease and viral infection.

All in all, Nature's Balance PetSpan is an exciting new product for the veterinary surgeon and for the pets we treat, with no doubt many more applications yet to be elucidated.



While I have treated some of my animal patients with PetSpan as a nutritional supplement it should be appreciated that most modern animal diets have everything in excess of basic needs, and this can produce its own harmful side-effects caused by nutritional and metabolic imbalance.

A good balanced diet and regular exercise are vitally important to the constant accurate reproduction of cellular reproductive factors (RNA/DNA) thus enhancing cellular integrity and stability.

PetSpan contains 3% RNA and 0.3% DNA by weight. These figures mean that PetSpan can supply 17 times the amount of RNA found in a similar weight of sardines - the food most often recommended to supplement the body's decreasing production of RNA associated with the process of aging.

Our pets are equally exposed to pollution from the air, the water supply and even the food chain. PetSpan's abundant chlorophyll content will help to oxygenate the blood supply and build the red blood cell count. Chlorophyll will act to cleanse tissues and purify the blood stream, kidneys, liver and bowel all areas highly vulnerable to disease among our pet population.

Scientists and health professionals have long recognized the importance of chlorophyll in the diet as a blood purifier and its efficacy as a natural deodorant. One of nature's highest levels of beta-carotene (pro-Vitamin A), plus vitamins C and E are all found in PetSpan. These three anti-oxidant vitamins help to control over-production of free-radicals which in excess can damage DNA, corrode cell membranes, alter biochemical compounds and kill cells outright.

Many medical researchers are now more-than-ever convinced that excess free radicals play a central role in the onset and development of many chronic conditions including cancers, heart disease, arthritis and respiratory conditions.

A). SHOW DOGS. Most breeders over-feed their animals with larger-than-required doses of Royal Jelly, Evening Primrose Oil and Kelp (known to contain iodine in its calcined ash), iron and assorted vitamins and minerals. PetSpan is the perfect 'alkaline-forming food", systemically reducing acidity which is essential to cleansing and revitalizing the entire body, producing a strong healthy coat, clean breath and bright eyes. PetSpan is also rich in potassium which helps to promote neuromuscular development.

B) GIANT BREEDS. PetSpan will provide a natural balance of the essential minerals which are vital for optimal functioning of the major metabolic pathways. If these minerals are deficient in the diet, vitamins and essential fatty-acids are not absorbed or efficiently utilized, calcium supplements alone are not sufficient. Over-nutrition often occurs among the larger giant breeds wh en they are puppies, leading to frequent orthopedic problems. These breeds do not need proportionately very large amounts of calcium. Using PetSpan as their regular supplement, however, will avoid these potential problems.

C). POST-OPERATIVE SURGERY. Animals recovering from surgery after chronic and acute illness will benefit from one of PetSpan's unique ingredients known as CGF This compound occurs naturally in PetSpan's algal base and contains a nucleotide-peptide complex, unique polysaccharides and a number of other phytochemicals that have yet to be isolated and classified. CGF has been shown to have a significant effect upon the cell-mediated immune response in both animals and man. It has demonstrated the ability to stimulate macrophage production and mobility, and to enhance the cytotoxic activity of T-lymphocytes and polymorphonuclear leukocytes, all key elements of an animal's first line of defence against disease. Purified CGF is in wide clinical use in Japan and China for treating human trauma and in post-operative patients where healing is slow, to help speed the fibroblast forming response and aid the regeneration of damaged tissue.

D). STRESSED ANIMALS. Pets are just as likely to suffer from stress as their human owners. Unfortunately, our pets are often less able to cope with domestic crisis, pregnancy or divorce and the consequences can be expressed in general fatigue and many related symptoms. I am often called upon to examine a pet that is plainly out of condition caused by their domestic environment and the particular circumstances within it's habitat. Shedding coat, tired eyes and the 'hang-dog' expression are all too-frequent indications of premature aging brought on by human stress.

E). ATHLETIC DOGS. Particularly working breeds, racing greyhounds, gun dogs.

F). OLDER PETS. Defining older dogs; giant breeds at 5 years, other breeds at 7 years and cats at 10 years. A poor diet, toxic side-effects of modern medication, air and water pollution and various negative life-style factors can all contribute to and hasten the breakdown of cellular integrity and impair the animal's immune system creating an unnecessarily high vulnerability to disease and the onset of premature aging.


In the following conditions the use of Nature's Balance PetSpan as a preventive or defense against disease has provided a number of encouraging responses. I would, however, welcome further clinical evidence from my professional colleagues.

A). To reduce the incidence of infection when animals are boarded.

B). To strengthen the immune response and reduce stress in pregnant animals and to promote the optimal fetal development within their litter, in tandem with a special diet rich in calcium and vitamin D.

C). To reduce health problems in a wide range of 'high risk' breeds.

D). To delay the onset of aging phenomena in those animals living in high-stress environments.


As a supportive supplement in the treatment of animals suffering from disease. Nature's Balance PetSpan is recommended in conjunction with other therapies and veterinary surgeon supervision.

A). CHEMOTHERAPY. To reduce the leukocyte-diminishing effects of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer.

B). ALLERGIES. To nutritionally balance animals placed on a restricted diet due to certain disorders, such as allergic skin diseases.

C). MALIGNANT CANCER. To prevent or delay the recurrence of malignant metastases following surgical removal of the primary tumor.

D). RESPIRATORY DISEASES. To improve quality of life in cats with chronic respiratory disease and to reduce the incidence of flare-up of the carrier state.

E). AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES. To improve conditions (in conjunction with other drugs) of dogs and cats with autoimmune conditions such as thrombocytopenia and rheumatoid arthritis.

F). KlDNEY DISEASE. IN ANIMALS WITH CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE THE RESPONSE WAS THE MOST REMARKABLE OF ALL. Animals given Petspan have not developed the mouth ulcers which prevent them from eating in severe cases of kidney failure. Those animals have therefore lived longer than expected and have benefited from a greatly improved quality of life in spite of their originally poor state of health.

G). LIVER FAILURE, INFECTIONS. In cases of chronic hepatic failure, again we found increased life expectancy or more rapid resolution of minor liver infections. It is obviously important to form a precise diagnosis as to what is actually wrong with the liver. Dietary management is also most important; low amounts of high-quality digestible protein and a well-balanced natural vitamin and mineral supplement are essential, and here PetSpan fits the bill perfectly.

Including PetSpan in the diet will act to counter the toxic side effects of essential medication for example, drugs given to control epilepsy, which frequently cause hepatic disease.

PetSpan will also help to raise an animals levels of serum albumin. A correct ratio of albumin to globulins is desirable in the blood of a healthy animal (cats and dogs 25-35 gms per litre). However the liver slows down the production of albumin once an animal has reached maturity. The condition of decreasing albumin and increasing globulin levels is directly linked to t he efficiency of the immune system, the trans-capillary delivery of essential nutrients and the ability of the animal to purge toxins. In animals, as in humans, hypoalbuminemia (low albumin levels) is linked to virtually every pathological disease state.

H). FELINE LEUKEMIA AND FELINE AIDS. Most recently, we have seen very encouraging results when using PetSpan to treat cats afflicted with Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS. PetSpan appears to significantly prolong and enhance the affected animal's quality-of-life. Further research will be necessary to determine the exact method of action of PetSpan in these conditions and I would again welcome further clinical evidence from my professional colleagues.

Our current protocol is to instruct pet owners to supplement their animal's diet as follows:

For disease prevention, 2 tablets (2 x 250 mg) per day per 10 lbs of body weight.
For therapeutic application, 4 tablets (4 x 250 mg) per day, per 10 Ibs of body weight.
PetSpan by Nature's Balance 250mg. - 180 Tablets

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