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Hello from Maria and Jorge. We are the proud parents of the skunks pictured. We have over 20 years experience with pet skunks. Like most skunk owners, we are concerned about the many issues involved with domestic, pet skunk ownership such as the lack of approved rabies vaccine, legalization of ownership in certain states and the many health care issues that comes with skunk ownership. Too much is not known and not enough is being done to protect our precious babies. We hope to help spread information about pet skunks through this website.
Like many skunk owners, we have searched for items that reflect the natural beauty of our babies, without a lot of success. We feel there is a market for these types of items and hope to provide them thru Just Skunks® online store. Feel free to browse, we will add more items as we locate them. Vendors of skunk related merchandise are welcome to contact us regarding the sale of their products. Some of Just Skunks® brand items are available at wholesale prices to qualified businesses. Find out how to become a Just Skunks® distributor today!
Just Skunks® is a subsidiary of JP Enterprises, a registered Florida corporation. We can be reached toll free at 1-866-814-5554.

Meet the Just Skunks® family!


Introducing Miss Sophie, the advice diva. This site is dedicated to her memory. Her hobbies included eating, sleeping and pooping. Sophie was known for her uncommon wisdom and sense of humor.

This is Oscar, getting some sun. He is an athletic boy with many talents including digging in the yard, climbing into the trash, and chasing girl skunks.


Here is Coco, the beautiful. She is very lady like and well mannered. Coco also has strong maternal instincts and will "adopt" newcomers and make them feel at home.

Meet Two-ey the flirt in the family. So named because she has a number 2 on her back between her stripes. Two-ey is a sweet little girl who likes to play.



This is Chloe. She is much smaller that the others and a bit shy but very sweet. Chloe prefers her food raw and does not eat meat.

The latest addition to the family is Desi. She is a high spirited young girl who enjoys climbing and playing both with toys and the other skunks.

Skunk pictures

2009 is our 7th year in business. We would like to thank our loyal customers for helping us grow!


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