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Jan Saks,

Animal Communicator

Jan Saks, Animal Communicator

One of the gifts I was born with is communicating with living beings...wild or domestic, living or passed over.

Every human is born with several gifts, no exceptions.

I am honored to have received this gift...I never take it for granted, not for one moment!

As a young child, I felt it was my duty to animals who spoke with me to give their messages to their humans. I had not realized at the time that speaking with animals, feeling their emotions and receiving their pictures was a gift. It was a natural part of my life.

I am often called upon by humans to contact and communicate with an animal, from this life or passed over. Many times there are unanswered questions and often there is simply a need to connect. In order to establish a connection I will need a few pieces of information about the animal such as the animal's species, name and gender. I always ask the animal if he/she wishes to communicate. This shows respect. If the animal agrees, we begin. Animals can communicate from thousands of miles away. They share their thoughts with me in three ways: Visually (they generally show me moving pictures); Verbally (talking); and Kinesthetically (fancy word for feelings/energy they send into my body).

Many animals recognize me before we approach each other. Some dogs stare at me from more than a block away, refusing to move; iguanas stay still and look into my eyes; horses follow me with their eyes wherever I walk. It's not the human standing before them they recognize, it is the spirit within the human body they recognize.

All animals, legged, winged, slithering, flying, swimming as well as other living beings communicate. We are all connected. We all have a Choice, not just humans. Just because we want to receive an answer does not mean the animal chooses to respond. Choice. I use a loving heart to communicate with all living beings and I believe this is why animals are receptive to me and seek me out.


Because of my love for animals and my sincere devotion to their well-being I have volunteered in the following areas:

  • County Animal Control shelter doing healing work;
  • Wildlife care center as an animal communicator;
  • Stables doing healing work.
  • I am currently Volunteering:

  • with numerous animal rescue groups;
  • teaching countless humans and animal rescue groups how to communicate with animals.

  • I specialize in:

  • Counseling, especially with previous abuse and self-worth issues, and much more;
  • Explaining situations to the animal or why a specific behavior is needed to change;
  • Health concerns - animals share information of location and severity, often the cause of a health issue;
  • Two-way communication with humans and animals;
  • Passed over communications.

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