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Ask Sophie for Information about Pet Skunk Care

The advice diva welcomes your questions about the basic care of pet skunks. Please check back often to view new questions which will appear first on this page and then be moved to the appropriate catagories listed above. Click here to submit your questions.

Dear Sophie,

We have written before to get help with our skunk, Daisy, and her amazing bald tail -- thank you for the advice then, and yes, her tail did grow back nice and bushy!
Our new question involves frequent urination and a very obviously uncomfortable skunk. She goes to the bathroom frequently and a visit to the vet yielded no sound advice since the symptoms had subsided. Well, they've started again. We've currently started treating her on our own for a bladder infection (cranberries, o.j. and tomato juice). Symptoms include the following: frequent urination, scooting her bottom along the floor and scratching her nether regions a lot.
Our next question is this, is there anyway to get a hold of a list of vets in Ontario, Canada who are willing to handle skunks? Thanks in advance.
B.M. and E.M.

Sophie says,

This is a question for my friend Vivianne, of Skunks as Pets, Canada. Here is her response. "Here names and locations of vets that I KNOW will treat skunks, their locations and phone numbers:
  • Jim Fairles or Terry Fisk, Hariston Ontario phone number 519-338-3502 or 519-323-4422;
  • Dr. Rick Axelson, Four Corners Animal Hospital, Toronto Ont.;
  • Dr. Dorothy Kanter, Edward's Veterinary Clinic, Tillsonburg Ont., 519-688-2123;
  • Dr. Kim Landers, Algonquin Animal Hospital, Timmins Ontario, 705-264-6400."

  • Vivianne Chernoff,
    Skunks as Pets, Canada

    Dear Sophie,

    I have had pet skunks in the past, they were females. Is there any difference between males and females as far as pet potential?

    Sophie says,

    When choosing a skunk as a pet, both males and females are equally able to become loving, affectionate family members. A skunk's personality is determined by different variables, not by their gender. Some skunks have stronger personalities than others and may need more time to adjust to being a pet. When you choose a skunk as a pet, if you are committed to providing life long care and able to accept the unique personality of the skunk, you will have a wonderful pet regardless of it's gender.

    Dear Sophie,

    I have a 10 month old skunk that I got when he was about 8 weeks old. He was supposed to be my son's skunk, but he bonded with me and now he's my baby. While I have always been his favorite he had been snuggling with my husband and son as well. About six weeks ago his temperament totally changed and now he hisses and stomps at my husband whenever he comes into the room. He also nips and, if held near my husband, will shriek. He never shrieked before. We can't figure out what happened. Is it possible my skunk is jealous of my husband? Is there anything we can do?

    Sophie says,

    It is mating season for skunks and I am sure your baby does not want to share your attentions with another male. Sophie is assuming he was neutered at the appropriate age? If not, have this done immediately. Some unneutered males become nasty biters this time of year as female skunks are induced ovulaters.
    It is more common for a skunk to bond with his caregiver, than with multiple family members. But most skunks will tolerate the other family members to different degrees depending on how sociable the skunk is.
    Shrieking is an expression of fear or anger. Your skunk is feeling possessive towards you. It would be best for your husband not to handle him during this difficult time. Mating season lasts for a few months, then he will probably go back to his sweet self. That is when your husband can try to make friends again. As the skunk gets older, many of them lose touch with these natural instincts they have. Patience and understanding is the key.
    If the skunk behaves in an unacceptable manner like biting, a time out should be given for 3 minutes in the bathroom or other small space. You must be consistent for this to work. He will learn if he is not nice, he will be alone. Do not yell or hit him, he will remember that for a very long time.

    "Time for a snack and a nap."

    Sophie says,
    Please visit
    Skunk Stuff for more information about the basic care
    of skunks written by
    Jane Bone, the Skunk Lady™.



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